Evidence of Supreme Intelligence

Sci­en­tific Fact #1

The diam­e­ter of the Sun is roughly 400 times the diam­e­ter of the Moon and the dis­tance between the Earth and the Sun is approx­i­mately 400 times the dis­tance between the Earth and the Moon. This exact pro­por­tion­al­ity of dis­tance to size is so har­mo­nious that we can wit­ness one of nature’s most stun­ning stel­lar phe­nom­e­nons: the solar eclipse.

Sci­en­tific Fact #2

If nuclear force was even two per­cent stronger or two per­cent weaker, the uni­verse would never be able to sup­port life.

Sci­en­tific Fact #3


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